The movement of bodies belonging to similar gymnastics, dancers, or athletes often leaves the audience in awe. That's clear because they have a flexible body, so it looks very beautiful when acting on stage. By definition, body flexibility is the ability of the body to move freely and widely without injury to the muscles and joints. Bending body is not owned by everyone. But a flexible body can be obtained by people by performing a series of flexibility trainings. That way, relaxation and muscle contraction will increase easily Like any other form of exercise, flexibility trainings can improve our physical fitness. In addition, body flexibility trainings are often used as a therapy for health. This is because with a flexible body movement then the muscles and joints will be trained to limp and not stiff. Thus the blood flow in the body can run smoothly. If we have flexible muscles and joints then the body will be easier to move. This is certainly very different for those who have poor body flexibility. The joints will feel stiff and heavy to move. For those of you who want to feel light in doing every heavy movement then you can practice to make your body becomes more flexible. Furthermore, for those of us who have a resilient body, then daily activities can be solved with lighter. Flexible body can make us more energy saving in doing every movement. In addition, some forms of flexibility training are very efficient to make us more balanced. With a balanced body thanks to flexibility trainings or body stretching exercises, then we can make moves with nimble. In addition we can avoid the risk of falling. In addition, stretching for flexibility helps improve body shape. Everyone wants to have a proportional body. The length of the bones, shoulder length, back, and also the length of the foot can be affected by the flexibility of muscles and joints that we have. As a bonus, As we already know that almost all the sports are affected by the flexibility of the body. This certainly applies to sports that are physical and not a brain exercise such as chess. By having a good body bending can make the muscles able to coordinate optimally. As a result the body can perform the desired movement perfectly. Every athlete basically needs a good body flexibility to support their performance while in the sports arena. The benefits of the last flexibility training, and most importantly also to avoid the risk of injury to muscles and joints. For those of you who often sprain you should know that the disorder is an indication of the level of flexibility of the body that you have. Those who are susceptible to injury can be caused by not having good body flexibility. Therefore, to avoid the risk of injury and also speed up the healing of injuries we can do regular body flexibility trainings. Doing body flexibility trainings is basically done by stretching to attract certain muscles. So why do not we start doing stretching exercises and flexibility trainings from now on?

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